Brain-O-Magic Summer Camp 2020!!

 96e499d21cc42b5dfe9858ff5ea8adcaTake your child’s imagination to the next level and empower them to explore specialized skills while having a good time at Brain-O-Magic Summer Camps.                       


This Summer we invite your child to dive in to our innovative, enriching and most important of all fun filled camps. Our summer programs are divided into two categories – Speech & Debate, and Competitive Math. The summer camps will include outside play and fun activities which may consist of water play also (weather and location dependent)

Speech and Debate + Competitive Math


For children 7-13 years


9b45ed2fd5c11ae31b0547a4328bf9ec_man-woman-speakers-speaker-debate-animated-clipart_1300-1064Silicon Valley Speech and Debate now offers a combined session of Speech and Debate and Math Enrichment. We will be offering camps with Speech and Debate activities in the morning and math enrichment in the afternoons.

The benefits of participating in a speech and debate program are many. Through speech and debate students will:

  • learn to overcome public speaking anxieties
  • articulate thoughts confidently and persuasively
  • develop research and organizational skills
  • advance reasoning and critical thinking skills
  • learn to consider and adapt to different audiences
  • learn to think on their feet
  • be open to different opinions and aspects of an issue
  • learn to pace and work individually and as a team

Many fun public speaking activities will be interspersed with simple and complex debate forms like MSPDP, Congress, and Public Forum.

Our Math Enrichment summer program is designed to promote math and problem-solving abilities in individual and group settings.

Our goals include

  • Motivate a love for math though math puzzles, math games, and other fun math activities
  • Focus on Math Olympiad, AMC math, and Math League type of problems for elementary and middle school students

Camp Dates for Speech and Debate + Competitive Math:
Newark (Speech & Debate)

  • June,15 – June,19
  • June,22 – June,26
  • June, 29 – July, 3rd

Pleasanton (Speech & Debate)

  • July,6 – July,10

Cupertino (Speech & Debate)

  • July,13 – July,17

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