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Thank you for registering for the competition. Competition practice is included with this registration. We will begin THIS saturday Feb 3rd till Friday March 16th.

Spots are limited and time is limited so we would like your cooperation in managing practice time and ensuring that all children get a chance to come in for practice

    1. TO HELP US PREPARE in ADVANCE and ensure we have correct sheets printed,  a signup form will be sent every FRIDAY around 5PM. PLEASE click on the link to  SIGN UP.
    2. MAXIMUM 12 kids will be allowed for practice in a given session. Kids signed up will get first preference then it is on a first come first basis. If you do not sign up and we are full your child will NOT be able to attend the session.
    3.  We recommend sending your child to minimum 1 session per week, feel free to try with different teachers.Please DO NOT sign up for more than 4 sessions in advance to give everyone a chance however you are welcome to check day off club to see if any spots are still remaining.  Please sign up before NOON the day of club.
    4. PLEASE SIGN UP only if you are coming.  Please let the teacher know if you have signed up and not able to make it since you will be taking another child’s spot.   WE WILL BE TRACKING NO SHOWS and you will be charged $5 for each no show.  You can cancel signup upto 8pm the night before to avoid no show charge. 
    5. If you are not able to secure a place you can check after 8pm the night before to see if there are any cancellations.
    6. Teachers will be printing sheets around noon the day of club so all Signups  must be before 12:00PM on the day of the club, to guarantee a spot.
    7. DROP -INS while we will try our best to accomodate dropins we reserve the right to refuse dropins, since we would like to make sure that we have sheets printed and are ready for your children and we do not take away time from other kids.
    8. Please arrive on time so that the kids can start the competition practice sheet on time. Otherwise, your child might need to wait till we start the second round of sheets.

PLEASE have children bring their timer to class


We are looking for parent volunteers to help maximize the time taken for correcting sheets. If you are interested please let the teacher know. You can volunteer for one session or multiple sessions. We may have more than 1 volunteers for the session. PLEASE NOTE VOLUNTEER PARENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WORK WITH THEIR OWN CHILDS GROUP SINCE WE DO NOT WANT TO ENCOURAGE COMPARING. OUR GOAL IS EACH CHILD SHOULD BE BETTER THAN THEM SELF.

BEST EFFORT PRIZE – KEEP a folder  WE WILL BE KEEPING TRACK OF COMPETITION SHEETS DONE. There will be a BEST EFFORT  TROPHY on day of competition for most sheets done. This would include any practice they do at home or in class.


Please email with any questions.


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