Brain-O-Magic 5th Annual Day!!

March 24th 2019


Use the Password: Bra1n-o-Mag1c2019

For Graduates 2019 videos please click here!

Thank you for making the 2019 Brain-O-Magic annual day a huge success. Hope you had a lot of fun.

It was a real pleasure to see what a great job each child did at the competition. The effort that has been put in makes EACH CHILD A WINNER!! The scores were very close and we did have a lot of ties. Every year the scores are getting better and better. The kids couldn’t have made us any prouder!!

This was a team event and would not have been possible without all of you!! Thank you all for helping make OUR event a success once again!! IT IS AN HONOR TO HAVE YOU ALL AS A PART OF THE BRAIN-O-MAGIC FAMILY!!! WE APPRECIATE ALL THE CONTINUOUS SUPPORT.

Looking forward to the same enthusiasm next year and wishing you keep up the same spirits throughout the year.

Your opinion is very valuable to us. Please click here to provide feedback.

If you missed the prize distribution, centers will have the winner and participant trophies by next week please give your badge and collect your trophy.

Please feel free to share your pictures on facebook and tag Brainomagic 2019.


Brain-O-Magic Team!!!

Stay Tuned on this Page for pictures from the Annual Day and the Graduation Ceremony!



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