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Tips for Practice

FINAL COUNTDOWN !!! TIP #1 TIP: When solving you do not need to go in order  you can choose the order that best works for you.. For higher levels you can work on multiplication and division first, for lower levels you can work on shorter questions 1-25 and 51-100 first then go to 26 and so on..Your choice ! Print 200 questions of the

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Printing guidelines: It online excel worksheet. Every time it is opened a new sheet will generate.  On the right there are 3 dots. If you click on that and choose calculate worksheet new formulae will be calculated. IT TAKES SOMETIME TO DOWNLOAD AND CALCULATE FORMULA PLEASE MAKE SURE FORMULAE ARE CALCULATED BEFORE PRINTING. Check date time under NAME of sheet to make sure the sheets are

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Brain-O-Magic Summer Camps 2018

Take your child’s imagination to the next level and empower them to explore specialized skills while having a good time at Brain-O-Magic Summer Camps. Who For children aged 7 – 13 years What This Summer we invite your child to dive in to our innovative, enriching and most important of all fun filled camps. Our summer programs are divided into three categories – Speech & Debate, Competitive

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2017 Best effort papers

Best Effort Trophy Guidelines – PLEASE READ ! Papers by LEVEL F1DIR F1OHH F1THH L1 DIR L1OHH L1THH L2F3 L2F4 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9 L10 GRADUATE L10      


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Sample scratch projects

Sample Scratch projects – Created Month 1 Concepts used – ALL ABOUT ME CHECK LIST Add Sprites Event control Glide/Goto animations Sound effects Change background Broadcast – Receive signals Use the following blocks Repeat _ times Wait __ secs Forever loop Wait __ secs When __ key is pressed Change size Play sound until done Show/hide Broadcast/receive Goto x,y Glide __ secs t x,y

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