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Sign Up Guidlelines

  Thank you for registering for the competition. Competition practice is included with this registration. We will begin THIS saturday Feb 3rd till Friday March 16th. Spots are limited and time is limited so we would like your cooperation in managing practice time and ensuring that all children get a chance to come in for practice TO HELP US PREPARE in ADVANCE and ensure

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Annual Day 2018 Important Details! Dear Parents, Thank you for registering for the competition. You should have received a link for practice sheets for your child’s level. For details please visit Your child should have already done some practice sheets in class. Please look at it to see how the paper looks likes OR Please ask your teacher for a sample of how

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Brainomagic Annual Day 2018

WHEN : March 18th 2018 WHERE: Centerville Jr High School Fremont TIME: 1PM Sharp NEW …INSTRUCTIONS !!  (FOR THE COMPETITION DAY PLEASE READ UPDATED 2/27) Best Effort TROPHY guidelines AND PRACTICE SHEETS PRACTICE SIGN UP RULES PRACTICE PAPERS PRACTICE TIPS PLS READ – How to help your child improve competition score. (updated 3/16)   COMPETITION SIGN UP SCHEDULE – SEE BELOW Questions? Call:  –   Rupali

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2018 Best Effort and Practice Guidelines

CLICK HERE to go to Competition Practice Sheets RULES : Count all Valid SETS done on or after 2/3/18  Link will be sent to enter count of SETS on  Friday 3/16/18 10AM where you will enter count of sheets done by your child DUE by Friday 3/16/18 8:00 PM sharp. Link will be disabled at 8PM and entry will not be considered. Center director will call

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2017 Best effort papers

Best Effort Trophy Guidelines – PLEASE READ ! Papers by LEVEL F1DIR F1OHH F1THH L1 DIR L1OHH L1THH L2F3 L2F4 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9 L10 GRADUATE L10